Case Study: Gram


Case study : Gram Games

Gram Games Rises To New Heights With Increase In Charts And Over Two Million Downloads In A Month



The Challenge

Gram Games’ rise to success has been nothing short of meteoric. A company committed to delivering high quality games, the studio boasts a range of top ranked titles including Six!, Merge Dragons!, Merge Town!, 1010!, and Bounzy. Gram Games sought cost-effective volume with a global reach, but didn’t want their sources of traffic to dry up and needed to also cast a wide net. CrossInstall’s programmatic model helped unlock quality traffic using a powerful bidding model with a playable creative that captured the fun essence of Six!. 



The Solution

Gram Games trusted CrossInstall to guide them toward a strategy to drive high conversions and utilize the massive, global inventory to produce remarkable results.


The goal was to create a playable that mimicked the in-app experience beloved by current users to drive high conversions. Right off the bat, CrossInstall helped Gram have a successful first campaign launch with a very high clickthrough rate that drove 80,000 installs in a single weekend for Six!.


Gram Games was able to take advantage of the massive inventory offering with CrossInstall’s integration with many different networks and exchanges. Since CrossInstall buys programmatically to identify the right users, Gram was able to able to make effective use of the extensive sources of traffic.


The Results

CrossInstall helped drive massive scale achieving 80,000 installs in a single weekend for Six!. Because CrossInstall is integrated with so many sources and efficient at finding the right impressions to purchase, Gram Games was able to reach very high conversions. Merge Town! downloads on iOS alone surpassed two million in its first month. As Gram Games launches Merge Town! for Android users, Gram Games collaborates with CrossInstall to continually achieve new goals and records. Gram Games continues to consistently surpass user expectations for endless hours of fun.




Campaign highlights include:

  • Drove 82,000 new installs in a single weekend
  • Game Six! rose 130 spots in the charts in two days (155 → 35)
  • Quality of traffic unparalleled through high impression efficiency


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